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The city of Sao Paulo is perhaps the main home in terms of heavy metal in Brazil. If not enough big names that originate in the city as Angra, Korzus, Viper, Dr. Sin, etc, we can also say that bands like Sepultura and Krisiun became known worldwide after moving to Sao Paulo.

Primator is the new name of heavy metal from Sao Paulo. With five years down the road, the band is already well known on the nights of Sao Paulo for several shows already made at major rock bars in the city as Manifesto, Blackmore, Dynamite Pub, Gillan’s Inn, Cerveja Azul, among others.

After a great season of rehearsals, concerts and pre-production, the band reached a technical and creative level they deemed ideal for locking in the studio and begin recording the first album of its career, “Involution”.

Produced by Daniel de Sa, “Involution” was recorded at GR Studios in Sao Paulo and brings 10 tracks of the purest traditional heavy metal.

Unlike the lack of creativity of many bands that rescue musically and aesthetically what was done in the 80s, Primator prioritizes identity and the contemporaneity of its art.
“We are in 2015 not in 1985″, says vocalist Rodrigo Sinopoli. “We are a heavy metal band that prioritizes authenticity. We revisit the best of what was done before us in terms of heavy music, more specifically in the 80s and 90s, but to create a different musical concept in attuned to the individuality of each component. During the years we have developed a certain versatility to implement some more contemporary elements and leave aside all that, in our view, was “over”, especially in aesthetic terms.”

It was with that spirit that the compositions from “Involution” started to rise. Actually, tracks like “Deadland” and “Praying For Nothing” are songs from five years ago, while “Caroline” and “Face The Death” were finished inside the studio.
“Some of the “Involution” songs also appeared on different versions on the demo/EP we released in 2012”, explains Rodrigo. “Others were old ideas that were retrofitted, as is the case of “Black Tormentor”. Already the title track was one of the latest and by far the most time consuming, since it brings the whole essence of the album.”


Despite the time difference between a track and another, Rodrigo explains that the writing process of “Involution” followed a democratic standard from beginning to end.
“The process always began with the lyrics and melody, so we decided which intonation we want to give to the song and so we focus on the structures. All lyrics of “Involution” were written by me and the songs were made by the whole band, where each band member was responsible for its instrumental lines. Of course, some tracks has more creative participation of each other, but overall we do nothing without the approval of all.”

From pre-production to mixing and mastering, “Involution” took a year to be done.
“With the exception of the songs that were ready, all the others were recorded one by one. As they were getting ready, we entered the studio and recorded. We gave the finishing touches on some inside the studio, with the help from Daniel Sa who, despite having acted more as an engineer, did not fail to opine on structures and arrangements.”

“Involution” brings a concept very inspired on “On the Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin and on other thinkers from philosophy and psychoanalysis. According to Rodrigo, the album can be considered an “observation of the current human condition”.
“Always protected by his certainty, the human being must destroy to build and subjugate the weaker to succeed. We then draw a parallel with what really is the evolution, the position of the human race on the evolutionary scale and the perception that the search for the simplest things can be the secret to happiness. Our idea is that we need to give a step back and rethink our path again “

The cover illustration of “Involution” was designed by Rodrigo Sinopoli and, according to him, reflects directly the central theme of the album.
“We tried to reproduce the evolutionary scale, being seen backwards, putting the viewer as part of the illustration. This is our ‘involution’ scale. The illustration shows the man and his ideals being crushed by the destructive ‘Primator’ – a bestial entity – while others goes in the opposite direction, seeking redemption and a new chance to fix everything that went wrong. The responsibility to take this change is mine, yours and of all those who meet face to face with illustration”.

This bestial entity on the cover is so representative that, in addition to be know as the “Primator” itself, can also be considered a mascot of the band. This is what guarantees Rodrigo.
“This monster Primator was born from flames and is hunter of everything and everyone. Cold and merciless, it is a symbol of unbridled justice that the world needs in a very radical way of thinking. I could tell that he represents the band so well that should stamp the cover of our upcoming albums. We are even thinking of putting it on stage with us.”

According to Darwin, “the species descended of some beings in which life arose before”. Primator is proud of its predecessors in heavy metal, but its message with “Involution” is quite clear: we will not walk in front or behind our mesters, but side by side.