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Primator: cover and tracklist of debut album revealed

Primator Oficial
“We need to give a step back and rethink our path”. This is a statement, in urgent tone, from Rodrigo Sinopoli, singer of the brazilian traditional heavy metal band Primator.

Thoughts like that, inspired on “On the Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin and on other thinkers from philosophy and psychoanalysis, permeates the concept of the band’s debut album titled “Involution”.

The album is being produced by Daniel de Sa (Andragonia, Crossrock, Strip No Altar) and will bring the tracks “Primator”, “Black Tormentor”, “Deadland”, “Flames of Hades”, “Erase The Rainbow”, “Caroline”, “Let Me Live Again”, “Face The Death”, “Praying for Nothing” and “Involution”.

The cover illustration of “Involution” was designed by Rodrigo Sinopoli and, according to him, reflects directly the central theme of the album. “We tried to reproduce the evolutionary scale, being seen backwards, putting the viewer as part of the illustration. This is our ‘involution’ scale. The illustration shows the man and his ideals being crushed by the destructive ‘Primator’ – a bestial entity – while others goes in the opposite direction, seeking redemption and a new chance to fix everything that went wrong. The responsibility to take this change is mine, yours and of all those who meet face to face with illustration”.

The tracks “Praying For Nothing” and “Primator” are already available on Soundcloud:

“Involution” will be released in January of 2015.


For Further Information:

Press & Promotion:
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+55 (15) 3211-1621

Photo Credits: Amanda Dassié


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