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Primator: listen to the track that takes the name of the band

Primator Oficial
For five years on the road, traditional heavy metal band is well known on Sao Paulo nights

The city of Sao Paulo is perhaps the main home in terms of heavy metal in Brazil. If not enough big names that originate in the city as Angra, Korzus, Viper, Dr. Sin, Shaman, Noturnall, etc, we can also say that bands like Sepultura and Krisiun became known worldwide after moving to Sao Paulo.

Primator is the new name of heavy metal from Sao Paulo. With five years down the road, the band is already well known on the nights of Sao Paulo for several shows already made at major rock bars in the city as Manifesto, Blackmore, Dynamite Pub, Gillan’s Inn, Cerveja Azul, among others.

After a great season of rehearsals, concerts and pre-production, the band reached a technical and creative level they deemed ideal for locking in the studio and begin recording the first album of its career. Produced by Daniel de Sa (Andragonia, Crossrock, Strip No Altar), Primator’s debut album still hasn’t a title defined but is already being recorded at GR Studios in Sao Paulo and its expected to reach the stores in the second half of 2014.

The song that takes the name of the band, “Primator”, is available on the band’s official Soundcloud channel.

To listen, go to:

Primator is formed by Rodrigo Sinopoli (vocal), Marcio Dassie (guitar), Diego Lima (guitar), Andre dos Anjos (bass) and Alexandre Birao (drums).

For Further Information:

Press & Promotion:
Eliton Tomasi – SOM DO DARMA
+55 (15) 3211-1621

Photo Credits: Amanda Dassié


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