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Watch the new video clip “To Mars”

Never released before, the song was written by Dark Avenger’s vocalist, Mario Linhares

“A great discovery of the Brazilian metal”. This phrase was said by experienced and respected singer Mario Linhares, from the band Dark Avenger, about Sao Paulo’s traditional heavy metal act Primator.

Primator is, indeed, a legitimate representative of the new generation of Brazilian metal, although already count on experience and respect earned through its super praised debut album, “Involution”, voted one of the “Best Brazilian Metal Albums from 2015″ by the brazilian webzines Heavynroll, Mundo Metal and Roadie Metal. “Involution” also collects dozens of positive statements in the brazilian press as “powerful, creative, technical and full of content” (Dossiê do Rock); “Transpires authenticity” (Blog Na Mira); “Another album to the list of best national releases from 2015″ (A música continua a mesma); “Extremely well done!” (Música e Cinema); “Very good!” (Arte Metal); “One of the best Heavy Metal bands that we’ve listened nowadays” (Resenha do Rock).

The friendship between Primator and Mario Linhares became even closer when, in April last year, Dark Avenger and Primator shared the stage in Sao Paulo. The approach also ended up yielding Linhares announcement as producer of next Primator’s studio album.
Mario Linhares also presented the group with a song of his own entitled “To Mars” which ended up turning a music video.

Produced by Daniel de Sá, the shootings for “To Mars” occured at Pedreira do Icatu, in Votorantim/Brazil, same disabled mine that was used in 2012 for a memorable show of Focus, the legendary dutch progressive rock band. All the scenes were filmed at night and shows the band on a literally incendiary performance.



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